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LLB Law at Leeds City College!

At the age of 25 I decided to return back into education to follow my ambitions of becoming a family solicitor. I joined Leeds City College to study the Access to Law Diploma. Before starting the course I was nervous and at times doubted whether I was capable of completing the course. After a few weeks my doubts started to fade and my confidence started to grow. I passed the course at distinction/merit level and was so happy that I was finally on my way to achieving my dream job.

All of this was made possible by grit and determination along with the amazing support and teaching from the tutors involved. Throughout the whole course the tutors were there with encouragement and guidance along with any matters regarding situations outside of college work.

I was really happy with how the Access to Law Diploma went that I decided to continue my studies at Leeds City College to study the LLB. The transition from the Access course to the LLB was very daunting to say the least. Before starting the course a team building day was arranged so we had the chance to meet fellow students and tutors. I found the day really helpful and when I entered the classroom on the first day of the LLB I felt a little more at ease as I had already met my fellow students and tutors.

I am now 2 months into the LLB and I am really happy that I chose to stay on at Leeds City College. Some people have some misconceptions about studying a degree at a college but I can honestly say it’s the best choice I could have made. The degree is the same as if you were to study anywhere else. The class is small so it’s easier to get one on one time if needed and the college term times are same as schools so it fits in perfectly with my children. I am looking forward to completing my degree and am highly confident that I will be able to continue the path to become a solicitor.

For further information see Leeds City College LLB Law (hons) page


The Judges

This fantastic radio piece is well worth a listen for any law student.
The Judges contains a conversation held between Judge Khalida Rachid Khan, Pakistan’s first female judge and Justice Mandisa Maya, the first black woman to sit in the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa.
Their tenacity is evident throughout the conversation, as is their empathy and professionalism.
In a world where men still dominate senior roles, this is a conversation that needs to be heard.